U.S. Holds Hearing on Regulating Internet Poker

News on the fight to bring online poker back to America:

The U.S. Congress finally held a formal hearing addressing Barney Frank’s legislation to regulate and fully legalize online gambling — particularly online poker — in the United States.

At the hearing, representatives from the gambling industry were allowed to speak. Most of the charges they ended up defending themselves against revolved around the risks of identity theft to online poker players.

Indeed, the main argument that U.S. conservative politicians are making against legalizing online poker seems to be the risk of identity theft — a strange shift in tactics from their previous resistance to online gambling on “moral” grounds, or out of concern for “problem gamblers”.

So what was accomplished at the hearing? Nothing definite. The best result is the fact that Congress is finally willing to give the issue time. That, combined with the recent delay of the UIGEA implementation, can be seen as a hopeful sign.

Indeed. Hopefully this issue will get a serious hearing, and Americans will once again be free to play online poker, safely, securely, and legitimately.

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