Face Off in the New “Family Feud”

Family Feud at WorldWinnerOn your mark, get set, “Feud”!

Based on the long-running, Emmy Award-winning TV game show, Family Feud is an online cash game that features the familiar characters, graphics, and questions that you know and love. Players can now rack up high scores like never before and compete for a piece of the action with more than $250,000 awarded daily on WorldWinner.

“This redesign of the ‘Family Feud’ game is even more like the on-air game show,” said Blacklow in making the announcement. “We’ve updated the game to reflect the personalities and preferences of our players; and we’ve added some fun twists, including the ability to play for cash and prizes in-character as a family of robots or monster creatures.”

“With all its new and improved features, we expect the ‘Family Feud’ experience will provide more deep and meaningful interaction with one of our most beloved game show brands.”

The new “Family Feud” game at WorldWinner now offers players the opportunity to select unique new avatars to represent their family before answering a set of five survey questions, testing their ability to deduce the nation’s most common responses. Pending their answers, the opportunity for cash and prizes again adds to the excitement for the players.

Not only has “Family Feud” introduced an updated cash game, producers have also recently announced that renowned stand-up comedian, actor and radio personality Steve Harvey will host the show as it enters its 12th season this fall.

How Does It Work?

Family Feud at WorldWinnerIn Family Feud, you’ll be asked to rate the popularity of answers to a series of survey questions. There are two parts to the game… the Main Round and the Fast Money Round. In the Main Round, beat the clock to figure out the most popular answers. Increase your score in the Fast Money Round by choosing the single most popular answer.

You will be shown 5 survey questions during the main round. For each question, you will also be shown 12 survey responses. Choose the answers that you think are the 4 most popular responses by left clicking on them.

You have a limited amount of time to answer each question in the main round. If you find all four top answers before time runs out, you’ll receive a time bonus for every tenth of a second left on the clock.

Family Feud at WorldWinnerIf you choose incorrectly, you’ll get a “strike.” Get three strikes and you’ll automatically move to the next question and forfeit any time bonus. After answering all the questions, you’ll also receive bonus points for any unused strikes!

In the Fast Money Round, you will be shown 5 survey questions, this time with 8 possible answers. Choose the most popular answer for each question and you’ll score bonus points equal to the number of respondents who chose the same answer. Just like the Main Round, you’ll also be rewarded bonus points for any time left on the clock.

Learn more about WorldWinner, and start winning money playing the new Family Feud online!

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