Deal or No Deal at WorldWinner

Deal or No Deal at WorldWinnerDeal or No Deal is a new skill-based cash game version of the high-energy hit game show Deal or No Deal.

Available thru WorldWinner, the cash competition version of the game complements the show’s television format, giving online players an engaging new experience in which they compete against other players to rack up high scores to win cash and prizes, similar to the actual game show experience.

“Deal or No Deal is one of those games that consistently draws you to the edge of your seat, whether you’re playing online or playing along with the television contestants,” said Peter Blacklow, president of WorldWinner and EVP of GSN Digital.

“Deal or No Deal fans already play along while they watch at home, and we know they’ll be thrilled to compete against other players for real cash.”

Deal or No Deal is a high-energy international hit game show in which contestants strategically unseal 26 briefcases containing amounts of money ranging from one cent to $1 million. In each round, contestants must guess which briefcases contain the most money while a mysterious entity known only as “The Banker” tempts them by making a cash offer in exchange for what is contained in their briefcase.

How Does It Work?

Deal or No Deal at WorldWinnerEach game of Deal or No Deal begins when you select “your case.” Throughout the game, the Banker will attempt to buy it back from you. Each time an offer is made, you can accept it, or you can reject the deal to try and get more!

Once you’ve chosen your case, the first round of Deal or No Deal begins. In each round, you pick up to six cases to open. When a case is opened, the value it contains is removed from play.

Deal or No Deal at WorldWinnerOnce all the cases in a round have been opened, the Banker will attempt to buy your case from you. However, before he crunches the numbers, the Banker will give you the opportunity to boost your offer by demonstrating your word-making skills.

Once you’ve finished the word scramble, the Banker will make an offer to buy your case. The Banker’s offer is based on the average of the remaining case values, scaled in each round, with a bonus based on how successful you were at the preceding word scramble.

If you reject the Banker’s offer, the game continues and you choose the next set of cases to remove from play. Once there is only one case remaining, you’ll have one last choice: keep your original case, or swap it with the remaining case.

Learn more about WorldWinner, and start winning money playing Deal or No Deal online!

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