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The following sites allow you to play Hearts online and compete with players from all over the world, prove your Hearts skills, and win a little cash:



Play the classic card game against three AI opponents. Avoid taking hearts and the Queen of Spades, and you just might walk away with the mantle of victory!

More information about Hearts


Hearts is a popular trick-taking game, but unlike most games, the the object is to avoid winning hands — or at least to avoid winning hands containing hearts, and most especially, to avoid taking the queen of spades (known as the “Black Lady”). Conversely, if you manage to win all the points — that is, all 13 hearts plus the queen of spades — then you have “shot the moon”. and can either subtract 26 points from your score, or add 26 point to all your opponents scores.

Play online Hearts tournaments to sharpen your game, show off your skills, and win a few bucks from your unlucky opponents.