Play Cribbage Online

The following sites allow you to play Cribbage online and compete with players from all over the world, prove your Cribbage skills, and win a little cash:



GameColony offers both Five-Card and Six-Card variations of Cribbage. Play in both face-to-face tournaments and head-to-head games.

More information about Cribbage


Cribbage is a two-player card game, requiring both skill and luck. The game is simple enough so that it can be played reasonably well within a short period of time, though experience and skill will allow you to vastly improve your game. The game offers ample opportunity for strategy and skillful play.

The game uses a Cribbage board for scoring. The board consists of a series of small holes, arranged in groups of five, and two pegs per player. The object of the game is to reach 121 points before your opponent does so. You do this by moving your pegs around the board as you score points, according to the cards played. For complete rules, follow one of the links below.

Online Cribbage tournaments allow you to demonstrate your skills, and perhaps pick up a few bucks … if you play your cards right!