Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Skill Game”?
Unlike games of chance, your chances of winning a skill game is directly related to your skill level. This is not to say that chance has no effect on a skill game; indeed, chance (e.g. the roll of a dice or the shuffle of a deck of cards) has a definite role in the outcome of a game. But in games of skill, your knowledge of the game, and your skill in choosing the best course of action, is the largest determinator of whether you win or lose.
What is a “Game Of Chance”?
A game of chance in a game in which lady luck holds the upper hand. No matter your skill and experience, the outcome of the game will be decided largely due to luck. If your luck’s running hot, you’ll be be flush with success, but if you’re luck’s running cold, you won’t be able to buy a break. This dependence on random fortune is what makes games of chance so compelling, and for many people, so relaxing.
If I Lose A Game, Do I Actually Lose Money?
Yes. And if you win a game, then you actually win money. That’s sort of the point. These are cash games — wins and losses result in money actually changing hands. That’s what makes these games so exciting!
Can I Play For Free?
Yes, most sites offer “free play” or “practice” games, which you can use to evaluate the games and to decide whether you want to play for real money.
Where can I find rules to the games?
Most of the cash game sites listed here offer comprehensive online help, both in the basic rules of the game, as well as assistance in figuring out a strategy. If you need further details on a game, try Board Game Central, Solitaire Central, or The House Of Cards.
Are Cash Games Legal in the US?
In general, online skill games are legal in the US, while online games of chance are restricted. However, this can vary from location to location. Some states and municipalities have laws that are more or less restrictive. It is your responsibility to determine if participating in the games is permitted under the laws of the jurisdiction where you are located. In addition, some gaming web sites have their own policies regarding who they allow to play their games. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional information.